Why Counselling?

We all experience difficult times in our lives which we find stressful. There may be times when we feel stuck or want to get more out of life, or may be going over and over things in our minds, becoming confused and anxious. Counselling is a way of exploring, in a confidential setting, these aspects of your life and the issues and feelings which may be causing you distress.

Many people find that talking things over with someone who has no other role in their lives can help them to understand things more clearly, or perhaps from a different perspective. In a confidential environment, support is offered that may not be available from family and friends.

I work with whatever is troubling you. I provide time and space where you are safe to voice your thoughts and feelings, and what your life experiences mean to you.

I work at your pace, without pressure. Your values, your choices and your lifestyle will be respected and you will able to talk about whatever is troubling you, openly and freely without being judged or advised. Whatever your background, age, gender, sexuality, religious beliefs or ability, you will be treated with dignity at all times.

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Lowton, nr Warrington


07722 408928
(Monday to Friday 9am - 6pm)